1. Apple Cider Sangria


    As I do with all of my recipes, I started with a base and threw in my own additions. I was looking up sangria recipes but ended up finding ones that had cider added. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

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  2. Baked Sweet Potato Fries


    I love me some sweet potato fries and making them myself makes them all the more tasty!

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  3. Cranberry Apple Crisp


    I love trying new recipes and when I do, I always end up tweaking them to make them my own. (Or to make up for what I forgot to buy at the grocery store — oops!) My newest adventure is Lexi’s Cranberry Apple Crisp. Her version is grain free, but my version isn’t. Read more to get my recipe.

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  4. Chicken Fried Cauliflower


    I found this recipe on Lexi’s Clean Kitchen — my new favorite website. All of her recipes are clean — soy, dairy and gluten free. I’ve been wanting to try new, cleaner recipes, so I was happy to find a plethora of them here. Click to see how it’s made.

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  5. Last weekend my boyfriend and I drove to Chicago to visit his dad and brother, plus pick up some furniture his dad was giving us. It’s about a 7-hour drive … and to go there and back in one weekend isn’t very fun, but we made the best of it.

    The plan: leave early Saturday morning and be back Sunday evening. This trip was not for the faint of heart. Packing for only one night should have been easy, but having so little time there made it difficult to choose the perfect two outfits that say “Hi Chicago, I’m not from here, but I’m still cool.” Joe and I both have Everlane weekenders and they’re perfect in every way. Highly recommended! So once I settled on my outfits, we were packed and ready to go.

    We were sure to brew some Signet Coffee Saturday morning. (A must have for road trips and any morning really.) Along the drive, the landscapes were filled with autumn leaves, so that was pretty awesome.

    We got into town just in time to get ready for dinner at Del Frisco’s, which was incredible. Great conversation, ambiance and food. Needless to say, we were stuffed and that combined with a long day of driving meant we were in bed by 10pm.

    We were a little thrown off by our extra hour (Daylight Saving!) and Joe ended up sleeping in. I was up with the sun and enjoyed some coffee while reading the NY Times fashion magazine. Lucky for me, Joe’s dad has a guest bedroom and a downtown apartment with an incredible view.

    After brunch and some shopping, we were back on the road to Minneapolis. It was a quick trip, but a fun getaway.

  6. Well, we got our first sprinkling of real snow. The giant flakes stole my heart and made me happy. Plus, I was excited to wear my new warm gear! While scraping my car this morning, I became overwhelmingly aware of part of the reason I dread winter. I still love the peacefulness a blanket of snow brings.

  7. Last night I did my “what can I make out of the random ingredients I have?” routine and I ended up with some yummy soup!

    On a whim, I purchased a ton of mushrooms from the farmers market. So, I cut them all up (it had to have been at least 4–5 cups, chopped) and sauteed them in a little butter. When the mushrooms were about done, I added an entire bag of spinach (after I chopped it up a bit). I didn’t have any potatoes or chicken, but I had a package of gnocchi. So, in a big pot I started warming up a jug of chicken broth and brought it to a boil. Gnocchi is easy because you just have to toss it into boiling liquid, wait until they float up and boom. Usually you boil them in water then drain, but I was lazy and boiled them in the chicken broth. Once they were done, I reduced the heat to low. Then, I added my sauteed mushrooms and spinach. I had some fresh garlic, so i pressed one clove into the mixture. (Who doesn’t love garlic?) Then I just grabbed some random seasonings, including salt, and sprinkled them in.

    Then BOOM! Yummy mushroom, spinach and gnocchi soup! It turned out being a great fall meal.

  8. I’m excited to check out Lily and Violet tomorrow — come join the party!

  9. Video progress bar: behind the scenes.


  10. What’s that? Ah yes, winter depression.

    Today is the first day that smells like winter. That cold, dry air. With every gust of wind, my face gets colder and my nose number. “Why are you running?” I ask my nose, “You can’t escape.”

    But really, I should have worn a warmer coat today.